Sunday, 15 November 2015

Punk Swagger

I have to admit, I over think things. But then you read this blog, so you knew this already didn't you? Before I moved back to London, I'd probably given too much thought to what the next chapter of my life would be about - i.e. what direction I'd take, and how that would affect my personality. Well, only a week or so in, I think I'm getting an idea of the answer.

This is my punk phase.


This is a time in my life where I've broken free of the corporate role I've held for many years. Now, I get to work somewhere completely independent. They don't have things like a uniform code, or a formal cashing up session if you've been on tills. It's all very relaxed, and a dramatic contrast to life before. In this environment, they care more about the people - and the business comes second.

Then there's my relationship status. You know, long time readers, that I recently lost something dear to me. After that, I think it's inevitable that you go through a stage of not caring about relationships anymore (or you hit on a rebound relationship, which I couldn't do). So girls are out of the equation for a while, until I chose otherwise!

When I say "punk", I mean alternate, but with an edge to it. I've lived life a certain way for a long time. It's time to try something completely different!

This is me sticking two fingers up at what went before, and having confidence in myself today -- because right here, right now, that's what important. I don't want to look back anymore, because the past is just holding me back.

So this morning I'm on the London Underground. My head phones are in. The music switches on. Yes, it has that same punky edge - and I walk the station with some swagger, and for the first time in many months feel happy because my life has some form of direction again.


I'm midway through reading a graphic novel called Seconds.

It's great! Created by Bryan Lee O'Malley, it's the story of Katie - who finds that her restaurant Seconds has a house spirit within it. Upon taking a mystical mushroom, Katie is able to rewind time and correct her wrongs. She uses this skill for good at first, but then manipulates events so her and her boyfriend never broke up! Of course, things spiral out of control quickly...

It has a very unique method of storytelling. If you're not a traditional fan of comic books, I think you will enjoy this - as it's not superheroes, on silly missions. It's just the story of a girl and her relationship. Definitely track it down, and give it a go!
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