Thursday, 12 November 2015

So Far So Sofa

This is the story of a sofa. A lovely brown, faux-leather 2 seater sofa. 

In this story two naive young men decide to buy the sofa, and walk the 20 minute journey back home carrying the sofa. Only the sofa is heavy, and they can't hold it for long without having to take a break. On they go, only a few meters at a time before they have to plonk it down again. Now, this is obviously ridiculous - but what are the men to do?

It gives them opportunity to do something absurd, like... parking the sofa in the middle of the street, sitting on it for 15 minutes and eating a portion of chips (with gravy).

Take 1:

Take 2:

I think you can agree those two guys are fools... 

But the sofa looks great in its new home (which, after a 90 minute journey they finally reach). It sits in Anthony's bedroom - where it will form the heart of the "social corner", that special place where the two friends will gather and watch films, and television, and have great conversations.


Was my first day working at Forbidden Planet today. It went as well as can be expected - I did some work on tills, and stacked some shelves. As I don't know much I sometimes feel a bit useless... but hey ho, I'm sure that'll change pretty quickly.

Two Beatles tracks to end on, because a) they rock, and b) the lyrics to one of them really resonates with me at the moment. The other is just a good song!

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