Sunday, 22 November 2015

The Cook & The Gardener

I am now well and truly back in the swing of work. I've completed 80 hours across the last 10 days or so, and my reward is a well deserved day off today.

I spent my time around the house, completing a few tasks.

First of all, I have begun my garden project. When I moved into Brewhouse, I found the back garden to be in a sorry state. It was a horrible mess, and I promised myself (and the land lady) that I would tidy it up. Why volunteer for such a task, I hear you ask? Well, mostly I enjoy gardening - but back in Shepherds Bush I didn't have anything to maintain, as both front/back gardens were entirely concrete!

To give you an idea of the work I did today here are a few before/after photos of the garden:

There is still much to do in the garden, mind! Watch this space - I will chip away at making the space as magnificent as possible over the next few weeks/months. By Spring, me and my housemates will be able to show off the best garden in Woolwich!

Inbetween my gardening tasks, I also cooked me, Jack and Sarunas a Sunday roast. I made this from scratch, and without consulting any online guides.

First of all, most importantly, I bought all the ingredients from the local super Tesco. Here they are - notice I went healthy too - half of the meal is veg?

Then I prepared the food...

It took 2 hours altogether, but was worth every second! Jack seemed to enjoy it whilst he was eating. I have to admit, I thought it was delicious, and it smelt fantastic as well.

All in, I'm immensely proud of my first major cooking session in this new house. Here's to many more!

(Next time, I'm determined to bake a cake!)
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