Sunday, 27 December 2015

2016 - All New, All Different

Urgh. I feel really shitty right now.

At work today my voice kept disappearing on me as I strained to talk to customers, and everything was spinning in several directions. I have man flu. I'm calling it now.


I've spent the last few weeks thinking about what sort of year I want 2016 to be. Entering 2015, I wanted to complete lots of unfinished business. I largely succeeded - making both Lasagne and Fellow at last, plus leaving my job at Vue/moving out of my old room in Shepherds Bush. So... going into the new year I'll spin this year's resolution on its head. Whereas the last 12 months were about ending existing projects... I want 2016 to be about beginning entirely new things.

Marvel comics have recently relaunched their books under the banner "all new, all different". I like that, and I'm stealing it for my new year motto!

Of course, for new things to exist/things to be "all different" I have to draw a line under certain practices. One of these includes my iPod. It's time to retire the device. I've had it for 8 years now, and the routine of putting it in my ears every commute has become a little tiresome.

Then there's Facebook. I hardly use it any more anyway, but it's time I log out for the year. Now, I'm not deleting my page - and I will likely return to it in 2017 - but I can't keep refreshing the page, checking desperately for updates. What's the point? I'm going to continue my new adventures, of going out and actually socialising with people in person.

Finally, for now, there's Blogger. I know, I know - I've threatened to leave these pages before. Many times! But now, it feels right to rest the blog for the duration of the 2016 year. I need some time away from pouring my heart and soul out every day. I think I spend too long reflecting on what has happened, that I end up dwelling on facts - which is obviously not at all healthy. I also quite like the idea of just going out and living for a while - not spending my time storing events or information away, ready to use in these writings at a later date. I'll continue to write on these pages until New Year's Eve - after which, barring celebrating the blog's 10th birthday in January, you won't hear from me on here for a while.

What new things am I going to do, I hear you ask? Well... actually, no. I'm not going to tell you. Let's not cement those plans, and leave things as open as possible. Just know that I'll be doing/trying new things in 2016, that if successful will leave me a greater human being.


Christmas was hard. For the first time in weeks I've been thinking about the ex again. You have no idea how hard it was *not* messaging her a "Merry Christmas".
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