Thursday, 3 December 2015

A Dark Day for the UK

Today the UK began its bombing campaign against I.S. in Syria - and I'm very angry about that. Why are we bombing another country? Why is it that violence seems to be the solution to every problem? I agree with the below video. There really should have been another way.

Click here for the video. It features Nicholas Henin talking about his experiences as a ISIS hostage, and why he thinks air strikes against ISIS are "a trap".

Anyway, enough political anger..! Today is the one year anniversary of my Nan's death. In memory of her, my family released a series of balloons into the sky in a Manchester park. Obviously I couldn't be in attendance - but at the same time as this, I used my lunch break to walk around central London thinking about her.

I took this photo of the Christmas funfair currently parked in the heart of Leicester Square:
Around Tottenham Court Road is a hive of activity, as the city gears itself up for Crossrail. So, to accommodate the new station various buildings have been demolished - with more to be knocked down in 2016/7. (This includes one of my favourite London cinemas - the Curzon Soho. There is a campaign to save it, which you can read about by clicking here):
Here's a pop-up coffee shop that appears at St. Giles church every Thursday. I had a tasty Peanut Butter Square. Nom, nom!
What do you think of these Christmas jumpers I found?

I have no idea what this is...
Looks like it lets you plug your phone or tablet in. If it's a charger unit, then it's a terribly cumbersome one!!

Quick, call Bill Murray! The owners of this hotel are Wes Anderson fans...
This taunts me, as I haven't had a chance to see it yet...
After work, I went out for a Coke with one of my colleagues, Jack. This isn't the same Jack that I live with. No, this Jack started at Forbidden Planet this past week and we've bonded over a shared love of Daredevil comics. He's a really nice guy, and I know they're hard to come by - so when you meet one you should cling onto him/her hard!

Just for fun, I'm working on a forthcoming blog entry called "The A to Z of Anthony" - which pretty much does what you'd expect it to! Look out for that over the next few days.

I'll likely be watching this tomorrow:
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