Tuesday, 8 December 2015

"A Different Way To Be"

This is a response to Broody - a post I originally published back in 2012, aged 23.

Oh, my life is changing everyday... in every possible way.

None of us are the people we once were. Those past versions of us are all strangers to our present day thinking.

And oh, my dreams, it's never quite as it seems... Never quite as it seems.

Don't make judgements today about all the things I've said and done before. Those ambitions I wrote about then... might not be my aspirations now.

I know I've felt like this before, but now I'm feeling it even more.

But, I still want kids, yeah - but not for the same reasons as I once did.

Because it came from you.

Back then, it was a romantic idea of being a parent and bringing somebody up. Now? Well, I see kids in my future - but what I want more than anything else is to find the right person, and be happy with them. Maybe one day kids enter the equation - but there's no major countdown on it.

And then I open up and see the person falling here is me.

I wish you'd spoken to me about your worries.

A different way to be.

Instead you kept them pretty much bottled up inside, until it ate away at you and destroyed our relationship. Like I said... like I keep repeating... kids are important to me, yeah. At some point. But when the moment is right. So you needn't have worried.

Ah, la da ah... La.

Oh, my life is changing everyday... in every possible way.

Now we'll never know what could have been between us.


The dream ends.

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