Monday, 7 December 2015

An A-Z of Anthony

A is for... Anthony

My name. It's pronounced "An-Tony", or if you want to be really posh about it then "An-Ph-knee". People shorten it to just Ant, and that's OK.

B is for... Blogging

What I'm doing right now! I'm been at this game for almost 10 years now - revealing my inner most thoughts on this here blog, or talking geek on and my other fan sites. I find it fun, but I do get carried away sometimes and either blog too much, or reveal too much.

C is for... Change

The process of change fascinates me. What makes people change their opinions, or behaviour? As a writer (we'll get onto that...) I use it as a stimulus. I position my characters in one place, and carefully manoeuvre them to another. There's a lot of mileage in that dramatic journey from A to B. If you write well, there's also consequences to deal with once the change has taken place. In my own thoughts, I think about how my life has changed - and the journey I've been on to reach this exact point in my life

D is for... Doctor Who

Of course it is! My favourite programme of all time. No further explanation needed!

E is for... Eccentricity

I, erm, have a peculiar way of thinking about the world and acting in it. You might call this behaviour somewhat abnormal, or eccentric. I don't take this as a negative term. It just means I do things by my own standards, and nobody else's. I am an individual!

F is for... Forbidden Planet

My current employer. It sells all manner of geekery - comics, merchandise, books, etc.

G is for... Geek

Well, if I work at Forbidden Planey... go figure! Being a geek just means that I pay far too much attention to television programmes or films. In a way, I am fanatical about them. But that's OK; being a fan makes me happy, and gives me a purpose in life. It's no different to being a fan of a person, or a football team.

H is for... Home

Currently this is London. Who knows where it'll be in the future. I use to think I'd settle somewhere eventually; but now I think, maybe, that my home will always shift around, as I move from one to the next.

I is for... Intelligence

Sometimes I think I'm clever. Others, I doubt it greatly! Overall, I think I'm probably pretty middle of the road. I don't read enough - so everything I know comes from life experiences, and common sense. So I think I'm emotionally quite intelligent, but academically poor.

J is for... Jack

My oldest friend, and current house mate. He's also (probably) the only person still reading this blog on a regular basis - so well done him. He has my sympathies!

K is for... Kids

Do they have a place in my future? I'd hope so - but I think that's a long way off, and not something that needs thinking about now.

L is for... Logic

Everything has to make sense to me! My brain works in a very logical way. I see the world as a set of actions, and subsequent consequences. When a question arises about something, I want the answer to it. If I don't have the answers, then I obsess, until I can work it out or learn the truth. Why? Becuase logic dictates that every action is a consequence of another action... so you can backwards track, and work things out. This is foolish, and I realise this. But... still I go on.

M is for... Manchester

My home city! I'm terribly proud of it, and it'll always be a part of my personality.

N is for... Needs

Ultimately, I have only one: I want to be happy. Dr. Kelso says in the TV series Scrubs - "Do whatever the hell that makes you happy". This is exactly how I try and live my life.

O is for... Outlook

For too long, I was pessimistic. I blamed everything else when things went wrong in my life. I'm trying to readdress this balance, by being more positive. I hope it's showing?

P is for... Personality Type

Believe it or not, I really am quite introvert! Sure, I can talk for England - but it's all an act. Really inside, I'm quite terrified of opening my mouth. I feel awkward, and unworthy of joining the conversation. I clam up, my mind goes blank, and I just want to curl up and die!

Q is for... Quality

I have very, very high standards! Just ask any of the staff that I've managed over the years. Sometimes this is great, as it means that my work comes out as good as it possibility can be. Other times, it means I stress over failures, or don't see my own self-worth.

R is for... Religion

I'm an atheist. I think faith is extraordinarily interesting, but it's misguided energy you could be spending on doing any number of other things.

S is for... Sexuality

I'm definitely straight. Thanks for asking. Sex never use to be a big part of my life. It happened, of course - but recently, with my last girlfriend, something feels like it 'clicked'. Like, I got it, you know? That level of deep intimacy, and how special it can be.

T is for... Television

A medium I've loved since childhood. There's nothing better, in my opinion, that dipping in and out of the weekly adventures of your favourite characters. Seeing them change (that word again...) and trying to second guess what comes next.

U is for... Unassuming

For a long time, I was anything but this! But the older I've gotten, the more I realise that I'm no better than you, or anybody else. I've never had money, or any real power/influence in particular, so that's helped keep me grounded to the every day and every man in life.

V is for... Vue

My previous employer, where I spent 8 years of my life. It helped shape me into the person I am today - for better or worse!

W is for... Writing

Yes, I'm a writer. Or at least, I think of myself as one. Trouble is, I don't write all that much, which makes it difficult to say I'm a writer. I create prose stories, or short films, or comic book adventures.

X is for... The X Files

My current 'show of the moment'. I'm rewatching it from the very beginning, in anticipation of 2016's new season. I'm currently on season 3, and have just watched the episode Nisei - which I remember watching waaaaaay back in 1996 on its original broadcast.

Y is for... You

Yes, you - my reader! I'm fairly liberal minded, meaning I'm open to lots of things and try not to judge. I'm not entirely successful sometimes, but trust me when I say that if we ever met, I wouldn't think x y or z about you before getting to know you.

Z is for... Zzzzz

I always write these blog posts just before I go to bed, meaning I'm often so tired when putting them together. Now I've reached the 26th letter of my alphabet... it is indeed time to wind down my writing, shut down the laptop, and head to the land of dreams.
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