Saturday, 26 December 2015

Boxing Day, 2015

Hey - it's only 365 days until Christmas! ;)

I'm back home in London, watching the news and it's pretty chilling. Radcliffe, the town next to my home town, has suffered significant flooding. It's bizarre - normally it's further North that floods.

In better news, congratulations to my cousin Matthew who is now engaged. He asked his long term girlfriend Becky to marry him, down on one knee in their favourite park. I'm happy for the pair of them - though, as ever when I hear of another birth/marriage/engagement, there is a pang of jealousy, because he's younger than me and doing things I probably won't get chance to for years to come. It's very silly I know, and I shrug those feelings off as best I can. (I don't necessarily want those things now. I think the jealousy stems from being beaten to those points)

I went to visit Nan today. She's not looking good. Still, we had a good catch up about my life. I try to keep her up to date on everything going on. It's nice she has time to listen, and cares.

Leaving Manchester was strange, as I have no idea when I'll be visiting again. It could be as much as 6 months from now, due to various plans. I'll talk more about my approach to 2016 in the coming days.

For now, I feel exhausted and as if I am coming down with some form of sickness. I hope not - but I do feel pretty worn down at the mo. Fingers crossed it's nothing!

Enjoy the rest of your boxing today.
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