Saturday, 12 December 2015

December 11th & 12th, 2015

You've already read my mis-adventures commuting home last night - but that was only part of my story that day.

Yesterday actually started with a meeting between me and Svetlana. I travelled to her home in Arsenal, where (after a sizeable chin-wag) we sat down to discuss the ins and outs of...

Not On Your Nelly!

Svetlana likes the script. When I met her during London Film Festival I told her the story, beat by beat. However, by that point it was at least a year since I'd last read the script, so I was reciting the story from memory. Though Svetlana liked that version, she confessed to me that she actually prefers how the film is structured within my script. That's always nice to hear!

I've told Svetlana that she has carte blanc to do as she pleases with the script. In the same way that I didn't get involved in the production of "I Am A Vampire!" I think it'll actually benefit everybody involved if I take a step back, and let them get on with it themselves. There's nothing worse than a writer who can't let go of his/her controlling influence on a film.

Instead, I think Svetlana will bring something unique to this idea. She'll probably make it funnier!

She says that she needs to cast, find locations, and work out the logistics of the filming schedule. She warns that this may take a while - so it could still be a few months before "action!" is called. It doesn't matter - it's just nice that it's in production, and moving forwards - after a long time of somebody else (Sacha Allari) sitting on it, not doing anything at all with the idea!

Battery Life of a Relationship
This is now my own, next project. I think there's something in the romance of the piece that appeals to me. Today I started writing it. I have crafted the opening block of scenes, and I know pretty much how it'll end - I just have to breathe life into the middle of it, and we're a-go.

Again, no idea when I'd enter production. I do want to make this slightly differently though. For starters, I promised myself that I would use professional actors in all my future films. The same goes for the crew. I know a lot of people who do various different aspects of film making. It's time to utilise them all; the sound designers, or costume folk, or camera operators.


I'm watching this back fully for the first time in months, making notes. Later on, I'll start work on the sound editing again, as well as plan on filming the last few shots needed (three or four short sequences, set at the beginning of the film, used in a montage section)

Aim is still to finish before New Year's - and then message all cast and crew that it's complete!

Review of the Year

Finally... there's a video I'm putting together for this here blog. It's my usual review of the year, but done on video for the very first time. I shot the majority of it today (so it's a shooting day!) but I'm not sure if it works, or if I'll need to start again from scratch.

To be continued!
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