Monday, 14 December 2015

December 13th, 2015

The big event today was my work's Christmas party. I know I had some reservations about the job to begin with, but I've settled in well there now, and every day is a great laugh. It was tremendous fun going out with everybody afterwards. I even allowed myself a couple of beers, and some Cokes.

Funny sign at the bar:
Anyhoo, my brain is still mulling over several film ideas:

Battery Life of a Relationship

I have a good idea how I want the film to end. The whole thing is about a relationship, and how it survives the inevitable ups and downs. I think at the end one half of the couple needs to have a major down - and nothing the other person does can bring them around. Until they dance.

A song comes on the radio, and they can't help but move their body. They're probably terrible, but it doesn't matter. It makes their partner life - and get up and join in.

There we leave them, as their relationship begins the slow process of being fixed.

Boom! Done.

Working on fleshing out the middle now. I have high hopes. This feels like it could be a good'un!!

That Resolute Desk (2015 Update)

Yep, this is still on my radar. I had the idea tonight that maybe Jarvis is suffering such terrible grief that he's thrown himself into a purely hedonistic lifestyle - which means heavy drinking, maybe drugs too. That would be interesting to film. Also, it steers the piece away from my normal terrority, which can be a bit dull/mundane.


Me and my housemate Sharanus watched the whole thing back last night. He made a mixture of good/bad comments (but overall I think he liked it). I made some observations to do with the sound - so will being sound editing again soon, after which the film is finally complete.
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