Wednesday, 16 December 2015

December 15th, 2015

Day one of my time off work, and I've tried to keep busy.  It hasn't been easy though, as I find myself unsure of what to do. I know, I know... What a bizarre statement to make. I live in London. How can I not have anything to do?!

Well, mostly I just wasn't feeling in the mood to do much today. Being on my own, things aren't as much fun. Sometimes I wish I could see more of my friends - and explore the city and activities with them.

Saying that, mind, I did go to the National Portrait Gallery with Jack. Simon Schama's "Face of Britain" exhibition was on, and Jack was very interested in seeing it.

Some of the interesting images we saw:

 "My Father's Got Three Little Piggies"
By James Dinham

I think it captures the beauty of historic working class life, by not feeling 'staged'.

Henry Lamb - Self Portrait

Those eyes look very familiar to me. I can't quite describe why I like this - other than it's a face I'd trust.

"Wallis, Duchess of Windsor"
By Gerald Leslie Brockhurst

The subject looks beautiful, but the colours hint at a great sadness behind her smile.

 "William Wilberforce"
By Sir Thomas Lawrence

Though this photo doesn't do the original much justice, it looks incredible close-up. It's very stylised how only the face has been completed.

 "Girl in Bed"
By Lucian Freud

It looks kinda awkward, but sexy at the same time. That describes my own sex life perfectly! So I was always bound to love the painting.

 Leon Kossoff - Self Portrait

Up close, the paint has been applied in such a way that it's wavy texture gives the image an almost 3D look, and adds further character to the man's face.

 "Henry Philip Hope"
By Augustin Edouart

It looks very modern and stylised - but actually comes from 100 years ago!

 "Charles Simeon"
Again, by Augustin Edouart

 "Capt. B.H. Liddell Hart"
By Hein Heckroth

A well painted mix of typical portrait, and surreal images.

"Anna Neagle"
By McClelland Barclay

A beautiful woman, represented beautifully here!

Afterwards Jack went to work, and I was tempted to go to a nearby West End cinema and ask for a free ticket. But then I thought, it's kinda cheeky to keep asking for comps. Besides, I'm getting a bit bored of these constant trips to the cinema. I think the bad experience I had watching Grandma contributed, but also I've seen so much over the last 24 months I'm a little burnt out.
In the end I walked to the South Bank,  and saw their Winter Market. They had a rollerskating rink (called Bump):
There were interesting food and drink stands, including one Eastern European stall that sold Chimney Cakes!
It started raining, otherwise I would have sat around a BBQ. The smell of the fire brought back many memories of days of old out on Scout camps.
I travelled to see two friends, but neither of them were at work - so I returned home, where The X Files, It's Always Sunny in Philidelphia, classic Doctor Who and Jessica Jones were waiting for me.

As I watched, my brain started thinking about Assassin 4.1. I now have a good solid idea for an alternate opening. I'll put it down onto paper tomorrow.

On that note.... time for sleep, meaning that's all for today, folks!
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