Thursday, 17 December 2015

December 16th, 2015

There are some great days in your life, that you hope you'll remember for a long while to come. Today is one of those for me.


I spent the day working on the sound edit for the first video in the series. Here's how I had left things at the end of the last edit, in July:

Now I've chopped that unfilmed montage at the very beginning (represented by captions in the above video). Why? Well fundamentally, it just didn't feel necessary to cut away from our protagonist Horatio. The montage didn't really add anything, and was probably just self-indulgence at its worse. By that, I think I just wanted to include as many characters as possible to make Horatio's world feel 'bigger'; but then, if they have no impact one way or the other on the story, what's the point in them?!

Watching that above edit back, you may hear some production faults on the soundtrack. For example, during the shot where Horatio is sat at home saying "I think I'm having a crisis, and I'm moving back in" the latter half of that dialogue has a strange background noise - my niece throwing up! Yep, she was there behind the camera, as the rest of my family patiently sit in quiet waiting for filming to end. Today, I re-recorded that line of dialogue, and added the new version onto the video - meaning that the sound is now 'clean'.

I tried doing the same for the opening scenes in the park - but there's still more work to be done to equalise Horatio and Margot Shelley's sound.

In the new, final version I've changed the opening titles so they're now black. This comes after feedback from my friend Dana, who watched the film and felt that the old white titles did not match the tone of the film. I have to agree. The video is also now "Part One" not "Act One", for no other reason that I thought the videos in the 2nd Act sounded better as "Part Two/Three/Four/Five" than as, for example, "Act 2 Part Four".

There's still some more mild moderations to be made on Part One, but they're slight, and so the first video should be ready in a matter of days.No idea when I'll publish it online. I think I'll wait for all six to be ready, and then post one a day across a week, early in the new year.


In the evening I met my friend Jon. He took me for dinner in Canary Wharf, at the GBK where his girlfriend works. It was a good catch up. Like always, talk turned to Doctor Who. Jon said I was a lot happier today, and the happiest he's ever seen me in a long while. I think it's true. I feel great at the moment! It's fantastic to feel so good about myself again. The 'old me' is back! :)

Afterwards, at midnight, me and Jon met with Jack and other friends to watch a small, independent film that you've probably never even heard of...


Me and Jack had an entertaining conversation about it on the night bus home. What did I think? Without spoiling anything, I thought it was very good (even though it does have a few faults). A solid 7.5/10 - and pretty much a perfect blockbuster experience! And it finally feels like I've seen an actual Star Wars film at the cinema. The prequels were shite, so don't count.
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