Saturday, 19 December 2015

December 18th, 2015

Or "Silly Anthony Strikes Again!"

Over the last week or so, something has happened to me. It's unexpected, but somewhat of a relief. Not to leave you on tenterhooks for too long, what's happened is I've got my funny back.

When I worked at Vue, I was always being silly. Winding people up, and pushing the boundaries of humour in the workplace! Then summer happened, and after that I was the new guy at Forbidden Planet, having to learn how to fit in within my team once more.

I guess I've overcome whatever demons were inside me this summer (and autumn), and I now feel comfortable with the Forbidden Planet team. It means I'm back to winding people up, saying outrageous jokes, and generally being a very "silly bum" (as somebody once called me). It means I feel good about myself, as I'm back to doing what I do, and enjoy, best!

Anyway... today is the day of Star Wars fandom. They were all coming to store to pick up books or comics, or general pieces of merchandise. It's cool in a way that the latest film was so good - because the fans are proud of their franchise again, and ready to show the world! Some FP staff haven't seen the film, still, so we all had to be very, very careful not to reveal any spoilers!!

Not On Your Nelly!

Svetlana messaged me to say that she's got a group of potential women who could all play our lead character, and she's also looking to finding and booking the eventual location needed for the office scenes. This is very cool, not only because the project looks like it's coming together nicely, but also because it demonstrates just how seriously Svetlana is taking things. It's a joy to see her at work!

I'll update you when I hear more from her and her team.
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