Tuesday, 1 December 2015

December 1st, 2015

And so begins the final month of the year...

I had a pretty terrifying experience on the London Underground today. Sat on the Central Line, I was attacked by another commuter.

He joined the train a couple of stops after me, and sat in the seat next door. Then, he made a big effort to push against my leg - as he fought for extra space. Now, I wasn't taken up an awful lot of room - certainly no more than I was entitled too. This meant the guy was forcing me to give *my own* space. I politely asked him not to do so, and instantly he snapped and told me to "Shut the fuck up". Of course, as we were talking, I was looking at him. He had a problem with this, and started getting very in my face.

The exchange lasted a good 5 minutes. No other passenger stopped to help, as he continued to spout his aggression. I didn't raise to his level... but this guy was out for a fight. Properly so. He made various threats. First of all saying "Move the fuck away" then "I will make you move the fuck away". Then he said "What are we going to do about it?" I said, "Talk. That's reasonable" To this, he kissed his teeth. He wanted a physical fight.

Next he threatened to take me to the carriage's end door, and throw me off the moving train.

He was completely, utterly unreasonable. He just wanted to be a dick. I'm sorry to play this card, but I'm convinced it was a race thing. He was black, and I'm white - and I think he didn't like that.

Anyway, it ended when he told me to "Shut the fuck up" one more time. I told him "Respectfully, I think we both should follow your advice" He wasn't happy with this, but did.

I thought he might get off the train with me and cause trouble, but he didn't. Still, the attack left me pretty shaken up - especially because it was so unprovoked, and because the guy genuinely was willing to go all the way, and cause me harm.

I'm thankful it didn't get to that. I got lucky,


I watched Carol today. A beautifully crafted film, with good performances from Blanchett and Mara. However, I found the characters very unlikeable, and a wee bit cliche. Still, all in it's one of the better films I've seen this year. I'm currently thinking over what will rank where in my top 20 releases of the year. This should comfortably sit amongst that list.

At lunch, Jack had a couple hours where he was allowed to leave work. We travelled to St. Paul's and ate at Nando's. This was just like old times, as when Jack use to visit me between 2010-12, we would always ensure that a meal was had at the Nando's in Westfield.

Afterwards, me and another friend James met in Westfield for a catch-up.

For the first time, being back in the cinema I felt a huge surge of nostalgia for the place. It's been almost 3 years since I worked there. I have a rule - after 3 years, events become 'historic', in that they are no longer recent, and have probably begun fading from memory. It's bizarre that Westfield should be entering that point, and yeah, I don't remember much about my time there anymore! Just emotions really - of being scared of the huge queues, of exhaustion when it got busy, and being pissed at the state of the giant Xtreme screens inbetween shows.

I was stood in the foyer, and imagined ghosts of past colleagues passing me by. It was quite poignant.

Here's a couple of shots of me and James messing around in the Disney store...

When I got home, I didn't write a thing. Damn. I will do. Soon. Promise!
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