Tuesday, 29 December 2015

December 29th, 2015

I'm ill. Medicated. Possibly a little delirious (I can't be sure).

This should be fun.

Decemberrrrrrrrrrr 29th!

The end of the year is nigh,
I decide to finish on a high...

(Or give it a damn hard try!)




That's literally all I came up with, before the boring part of my brain switched on, my imagination switched off... and, well, normal service resumed:

That Resolute Desk: Sick Man's Silence
A filming day!

Yeah - despite my sickness, and obvious need for bed rest, I decided I had to make one last ditch attempt at filming a That Resolute Desk sequence for 2015. You might remember as the year started, I was attempting a project called Six of One, that eventually I scrapped. This short, 90 second bit was aimed as a replacement - catching up with my character Jarvis O'Hara (after featuring in 2012/3/4 videos).

I don't know if anything I shot is good, or if it'll make an interesting scene. We'll see. I'm not over thinking it. Que sera sera and all that.


Work is tough without a voice. Thanks to Kathryn and Michelle, who bought me some medication over 12 months ago - which, luckily I'd saved, and used now. The pills and spray were a massive relief and really helped.


I wrote a special something before: A 10th anniversary blog post. It won't go live until January (when I'm in the midst of my blogging exile) - so you'll just have to wait until then to read it! But, interesting it'll end up being my 600th blog post... and look, I just crossed 10000 visitors!


This post was a bit crap, wasn't it?
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