Monday, 7 December 2015

December 7th, 2015

You'll read this, and think me peculiar: I was so happy today, as one train station on my commute reopened.
The station in question is Tottenham Court Road underground. All central lines running to the station ceased in January of this year - and I used it to change over between said line and the Northern line. Following its closure, my route to work changed. I would get off at Piccadilly and walk across to Leicester Square.

My commute isn't the same as before. I no longer live in Shepherds Bush, or need access to the Square. But I still need to use Tottenham Court Road, as my new job is just a stone's throw away from it. So now I can use the station and cut a good 10 mins off my travel time.

(The old style station featured in my film Seven-Thirty...)

Not On Your Nelly!

I finally sent the script onto Svetlana, who's read it and said she likes it. She's made some notes, which I'm very open to. We're meeting up on Friday to go through the notes and talk things through. But it's great that I'm finally moving forward on the idea, and I think Svetlana would do a great job with it.

Battery Life of a Relationship

A new idea! It's a year in the life of a relationship - represented on screen by snippets from the time, with a battery on screen, which shows the energy and life left remaining in the coupling.

I potentially might even end up writing this next. We'll see.
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