Tuesday, 8 December 2015

December 8th, 2015

Aside from being extremely tired, there isn't really much to report on from within my normal every day life today.

Lucky then I've been doing some writing!


This is a comic book series I've been writing since 2004. I last wrote it in 2012, when I wrapped up the third volume of adventures. I did so, ending things on a delicious cliffhanger ending. Well, I've always had an idea of what'd happen next - which was scary intimidating. No wonder I've put off returning to the series, and putting those ideas down, permanently, on paper.

Today I wrote the first third of issue one. I'm not convinced by it. There's lots of potential in the idea, but I don't think today's writing utilises that well.

I'll tell you what though, I had fun writing whilst sat in front of the TV, watching am episode of The X Files. This is how I've always written since childhood. Watching Mulder and Sully takes me back to the very start of this year, when I was writing every night with them on in the background. I'm strangely nostalgic for that part of my life now. Things were simpler then.

Battery Life of a Relationship

No writing on this, but I was discussing it with somebody at work. I think I know it's style and tone now. That means... The idea is baking in my mind. Not long then until I settle down and write it properly.

That Resolute Desk (2015 ep)

I want to create something to represent this year, before it's gone forever.I won't use anything I shot for Six of One. That idea is now long gone. If only I wasn't so damn tired, I could think this script up!

But basically... I want it to be about Jarvis reflecting on his year. Hopefully I'll get a chance to di it justice tomorrow.

For now... writer needs sleep.
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