Friday, 4 December 2015


It's December 4th, and the new Coldplay album is out. I know a few people who are probably very excited about the release! I've listened to most of the tracks - and think that the 'live' versions being performed by the band are much, much better than their studio counterparts. Take this song, Everglow. It's great live, but just OK on the album:
I like this album ('A Head Full of Dreams'). I get the impression that Chris Martin is in an identical place to me. He's heartbroken over a woman (in his case, Gwyneth) but no matter how much he wants to, he can't dwell or be sad anymore - instead, has to move on to happier times and places.

Me and Jack from work continued our bonding today! He's a great guy - and we have very similar tastes in all things comic strip. It feels great to have made a new friend; one that I can have a laugh with, and share common interests. It's been a while since I've made a friend like that!

After work today I had another of my reunion meetings with faces from the past. This time it was the turn of Denisa, a former member of staff from Vue West End. I met her at Picturehouse Central. She's moved there, and been promoted along the way! Talking to her was a little sad though - as she was adamant that I wasn't a very pleasant manager to be around. Hmm. I don't think this is true, but she's entitled to her opinion. Regardless, she's more than happy to talk to me now. Another familiar face works alongside her - Cristina, who was a Raindance 2015 volunteer.

I think the 'try to be more social' aspect of my new life is really working. Hopefully over the next few weeks I meet up with lots of people I've seen recently, and build upon those friendships.
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