Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Peculiar Night

Despite leaving Vue way back in June, tonight I was invited to attend a Christmas party for the organisation. Not for the West End/Piccadilly sites that I most recently worked at, oh no! But for Westfield - where I departed from back in January 2013!

How did the invitation come about? My friend James is the Deputy General Manager there. He organised the night out, and knew that none of his fellow management team would be attending. So... he asked me along so that he had some company. I didn't mind. Aside from a couple of familiar faces (Kapil/Aram/Jonny) the rest of the staff team are complete strangers to me, and therefore a harmless bunch.

It ended up being a strange night. First of all a male staff member, Jonny, came on to me! He told me he thought I was cute, and always had done! Sadly (for him) I declined his invitation of having a good time with him!! Secondly, a Spanish lady started flirting with me at the bar. I'm sorry, but I would never pursue anybody I meet in a club. They are often drunk, and their behaviour looser than normal. I'd like to meet the right girl in normal circumstances - not that heightened alcohol fuelled reality.

James thinks it's easy for me. He just sees a single guy, who should be out there chasing girls. What he fails to realise is just how heart broken I am, still. I don't want to just meet a random girl, and hook up. It wouldn't be fair to me, or them. No, I will recover in my own time. I will decide when I am ready to date again, and happy to do so. I won't let my friends bully me into such a decision.

Saying that... on the train ride home I did see a stunning woman. I've seen her before. This time, she looked across at me and smiled! Maybe one day I'll be recovered enough, and will go speak to her.


Back at home now, watching The X Files. Man, I still find those opening titles chilling...

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