Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Tour of my new room

I've been back living in London for a month already, so have had plenty of time to unpack my belongings and decorate my room.

For the first time ever, I have a double bed! Words cannot describe how happy this makes me. Beforehand, in Shepherds Bush and Manchester, it was always awkward when I was dating - and my girlfriend had to share a single with me! It made for a very *ahem* snug night's sleep.

Above my bed is a poster for 2007's This Is England. It's been a tradition of mine to have this poster up, ever since I acquired it following the film's release. Makes me feel a little bit indie, and it's my own quirky way of celebrating British cinema.

You can see Star Wars Episode VII's poster too. This is a new acquisition - and comes thanks of my friend James, who is Deputy GM at a former cinema of mine. 

The poster on my wall, in more youthful times:

My wall has built in dimmer lights, meaning I can switch the main lights off and enjoy very romantic 'half-light'. It's great for when I'm watching television or films.

At the very foot of my bed, I've housed my entire graphic novel collection. Sadly in this image, the books are tilted, as I've taken a few books out to read - but trust me, they books fit very nicely here, and really look quite cool! Unlike before, they don't eat up half of my room's shelving - as they are practically hidden away from view.

I have a wardrobe again, and next to it a shelving unit where I've housed my (now quite small) DVD collection. If you look closely, you can see action figures of all of the Doctors - and for the first time, Peter Capaldi is added in amongst them!

"No sir, all thirteen!"

Atop the wardrobe, my Daleks!

Before I go on, I should mention - wooden flooring!

I've also been adverse to anything other than carpeting; but do you know what? I'm a convert to the wood effect. It's easy to clean, makes the room look more bright and airy, and I'm sure has health benefits as my room isn't engulfed by dust mites growing on the floor!

Here is my famous sofa area. Already all of my housemates have taken advantage of the seating, and watched some TV with me. On the shelving are my favourite series - including Mad Men, The Sopranos and Game of Thrones; as well as a number of books I'm working my way through reading.

The top picture frame is a montage of the first 11 Doctor Whos. The management at Vue Westfield got it for me as a leaving present in 2013. It features on the wall in my Bedtime Story.

Below it is another picture frame, of postcards taken from the BFI's Alfred Hitchcock season from 2013.

I bought the Union Flag cushion in 2014, for use in my old room. Though it fits in quite well on the sofa! It's sister cushion, a cat we dubbed "Pusheen", has made a new home for itself with its owner in Southend. I miss its cheeky face.

Of course, the sofa faces...

(That's a still image from The X Files, in case you're wandering!)

My large poster frame is up. For the moment it has this image, but I will look for an alternative - because Peter Capaldi is far too scary, and always looks like he's angry with me!

Below it, my iPod dock, clock (which has followed me everywhere since 2010) and smelly/hair stuff.

The glass photo frame you can see bottom left has a photo montage of me and James in it. When I unboxed it, it still contained photos of me and Gabi. Of course, although we were still dating when it was packed away, it felt inappropriate to keep the images in there now.

Pond (my cactus) of course made the journey to Woolwich, too.

A view of my desk. That trophy I won in 2007 - during Holy Cross College Media & Film Studies Awards Ceremony. Self picked up the 'Best Experimental Film' accolade.

The Blu Ray bottom left is Inside Out. I bought it the other day, because I loved it.

I actually returned to my former address in Pennard Road to collect this bin, which I had originally left behind when I moved out in June. I was tempted to buy a new bin... but nothing matched the style I wanted. So, I returned to what I knew. I'm glad nobody in the house had thrown it away!

And there you have it: my new room!

If you're reading this and are a friend of mine, get in touch and come visit soon! I'm taking requests - January looks like it's pretty much booked up already, mind!
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