Friday, 18 December 2015

Ushers [SHORT - 2014]

It's been a year since work was completed on this project, and at last I'm free to post it online:

I know I didn't cover the production of this in great deal on this blog, so in an attempt to right that wrong I present a behind the scenes interview... with myself!

How did this project come about?

I had the idea of writing a mickey take of life working in the cinema a few years back. I wrote a script for one of my staff, Sacha Allari, who I knew to be a film maker. He didn't like the script though - and so, I sat on it for a while. Skip forwards 2 years, and I find the script in one of my folders, read it, and decide it's funny. I can picture all of the characters in my head, played by staff who I currently work with. I pitch the idea of making it for the staff Christmas party. People like the idea of that, and so the project is allowed to move ahead.

The film features lots of different faces. How did so many people come to be involved?

I asked them! I knew that this was going to be played on the big screen for Christmas, and that the staff would have a big thrill in seeing themselves up on screen. Once I got the first few parts cast, I used those actors to persuade others to join us - and things snow balled from there! Only 3-4 people refused to take part in any form. Everybody had a good time being in it! I was so grateful for everybody who turned up, early morning to act for me.

Any difficulties?

Yeah - a few! The biggest were the logistics of getting so many people together on any one given day, and also the editing process. Man, that drove me insane. I honestly couldn't sleep at night, thinking that the film wasn't cutting together like I'd liked. See, I'd stopped finding it funny, and was worried that the structure of the thing wasn't hanging together well enough. Ultimately, I chopped the narrative apart; dropping lots of the establishing scenes, and focusing just on the 'sketches'. It means I wasn't all that happy with how the story turned out on screen - but I'm happy with the film as a whole, and more than a little proud of it too!
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