Saturday, 5 December 2015

White & Nerdy

This whole video pretty much sums me up:

Everything has turned to geek. I'm working at a comic book shop, where my favourite part of the day is dealing with customers (I know, right?!). I love it when they approach me to enquire about something. I get to show off with my answers, but also direct them to new series and creators that they might not have otherwise know about. It makes me happy thinking I'm opening people's eyes to new things.

We're all wearing these t-shirts at work, in anticipation of perhaps the biggest film release of the year - Star Wars...
If that wasn't enough, it was the finale of Doctor Who tonight. The episode marked the end of Clara Oswald's time on the show, and I thought writer Steven Moffat tackled her exit very well. Plus, the Doctor was back on Gallifrey! I've waited years to see that story. (I'd explain about Gallifrey... but it'd take far, far too long...)

From a real world point of view, my nephew Brody turned one year old today. Sadly I missed his birthday celebrations, as I couldn't get away from London. My family understand, and I'll likely see them all soon - this Christmas, if possible.

That's enough from me. I'm off to watch more X Files and classic Who...

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