Thursday, 5 January 2017

2016 Final Thoughts & Welcome To 2017!

2016 was a funny old year, that took and took, and didn't give much back. It started with the death of David Bowie, instantly zapping any new year optimism, and just got worse and worse from there.

I think I always knew that 2016 wouldn't amount to much. All year long I kept referring to it as a 'bridge year' - helping me recover from the terrible events that took me over at the end of 2015, and leading me to be a new, great person again in 2017. In a way, it was. I feel better now - but 2016 offered its own challenges, and I didn't overcome them all.

It's no exaggeration to say I misbehaved somewhat with the hearts of a few women - and caused upset, unnecessarily. I know better. I should behave better. I can't use a crappy 2016 as an excuse.

On top of that, the politics of 2016 were crazy. Who would have thought that by year's end we would be facing a Brexit and a Trump presidency? It makes me angry, as we lurch further and further to the right. Increasingly, I want to write something that readdresses the balance.

Meanwhile my last surviving grandparent died this year - my grandmother Mary Duffy. It really hit home that a whole generation of my family is now gone, and I'm growing older.

I hated that I had to return to Vue - but it wasn't for long. Those few months back, though, were hard. Because I was working two jobs I never had time to myself, to do the things I wanted. I missed Stranger Things for example (and still haven't caught up!). Thankfully it gave me the financial legs I needed to stay in London and do the things I wanted - but aside from that, I took little from the new Vue experience.

All-in, 2016 offered little good. It past me back so quickly, as I was constantly doing things, or working. At least it kept my mind occupied! In short I think the best way to sum up the year is:

A complex, disappointing blur.

A little something I made at the end of the year, tying into my That Resolute Desk series:-


I have two simple aspirations for 2017:

1) I want to be published.

2) I want a job that pays better, without compromising on the fact that I am now doing something I enjoy.

With the Forbidden Planet anthology looming (it's called Last Draft Saloon - and features two comics written by me! Namely Little Green Running Man & Pfft... Queues!) it looks like I'll definitely achieve point 1)!


I can't end this point without announcing the birth of my latest nephew - Cole Carter Watts - today. He's my sister Donna's third - and definitely final! - kid, and my seventh niece or nephew. Blimey.

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