Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Best Films of 2016

It's not been a great year for cinema - with most releases merely meriting a "meh". Infact, some of the most enjoyable experiences I've had at the cinema in 2016 come from older films, re-released at places like the BFI or Prince Charles. For 2017, I really do need to aim to see more independent cinema, as this was one area I lacked this year.

My Top 20 Films of 2016

20: The Big Short (***)

An energetic take on the 2008 crash - but it's no Wolf Of Wall Street.

19: Doctor Strange (***)

A fun introduction to a new Marvel superhero.

18: Captain America: Civil War (***)

A great superhero mash-up (but Spidey gets more than a little annoying after a while). There's a sense that this isn't as good as Winter Soldier - but it doesn't really matter.

17: Deadpool (***)

Wrong on so many levels, and not all the jokes work - but when they do, this is one of the funniest films of the year. Not sure it'd stand up to repeated views, though.

16: High-Rise (***)

Highly ambitious. Highly flawed. There's plenty of great bits, but some times it's too surreal, and some of the experimentation doesn't work out.

15: Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them (***1/2)

Great, like discovering a new Harry Potter novel as a kid.

14: The Revenant (***1/2)

Beautiful to look at and well acted.

13: I, Daniel Blake (***1/2)

A socially important film, even if it's possible to see the story coming off a mile away.

12: Spotlight (***1/2)

Understated, insightful, respectable.

11: The Jungle Book (***1/2)

Feel good fun!

10: Julieta (***1/2)

I loved this. It's quiet for an Almodovar film, with some beautiful shots and acting.

9: Arrival (***1/2)

Intelligent sci-fi. Great performances, too!

8: Zootropolis (****)

Another feel good Disney hit, with an important message at its heart and an annoyingly catchy Shakira pop song!

7: The Hateful Eight (****)

When I realised the Thing homage, I was in love! Quite pleased I worked out the twist, too.

6: The Nice Guys (****)

Wrong on so many levels. This was the film where I realised just how much I liked Ryan Gosling as a performer.

5: Creed (****)

The biggest surprise of my film year - just how great this Rocky spin-off actually was! Fun, heartfelt and a great dollop of nostalgia.

4: Room (****)

A beautiful portrait of human hope, and how we look at the world.  Loved it.

3: Son Of Saul (****1/2)


2: Green Room (****1/2)

A true roller coaster, with a great central concept. Anton Yelchin, you'll be missed.

1: Hunt For The Wilderpeople (*****)


Funny/sad/barmy. Everything you could want from a trip to the cinema!

My Worst Film Of 2016...


First of all: Independence Day: Resurgence (*1/2)

But also!: Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice (*1/2)

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