Friday, 27 January 2017

Got Milk?


I've finished my first Darkened Avenue issue of 2017.

Created (alongside another comic, Assassin) in my teens, Darkened Avenue is a series I return to on occasion. A brief overview of what it's all about:

"There was a war between mankind and augmented humans called Assassins. A military/faith organisation have created a sanctuary base for survivors, called the Avenue.

The fighting still goes on."

You'll remember that I set myself a challenge at the outset of the year to complete two issues of it per month - meaning I'm 1/24th of the way done!

After a 6-part story arc that ran in issues 024-029, I had made plans for this issue to standalone. A couple of years ago I made plans to tell the story of everyday life during wartime. This developed into a small, but intimate tale, of what a child would think if the last of the base's milk supplies ran out - as if, for the first time, they were feeling a real consequence of war. Based off of that idea, 030 - or 'Milk' - was born.

Now, I've been putting the writing of it off, because I have a confidence in the idea - and usually when I do, I am daunted by the prospect of writing it wrong and letting myself down. Eventually though, with the end of January approaching and two comics still to write, I had to just brush these fears off and get on with it!

The actual writing process was pretty smooth, it turns out. I used the same method as I employed for creating Ezra & His Human - drawing thumbnails, and then turning those into prose scripts. I think I had a pretty good idea early on what the ending needed to be, and I cracked on - changing only one element of my original idea. It had been about one boy; but I had another added to the story, thinking that it would be more interesting to examine the impact the story has on two very different brothers.

All-in, I'm very proud of the final product. It feels like the first truly adult script in the Darkened Avenue series, and is - again for the first time - structured professionally, with action broken down to individual pages. I may one day adapt it into a standalone comic, independent of Darkened Avenue. I dunno. Haven't decided yet.

Already I've moved onto 031 ('Justice') and, as a consequence of starting my writing so late into January, if I am to keep on schedule I will need to write the first of February's duo straight off the back of that one! Again, 031 is a one-off tale - but a stark contrast to what I wrote about in 'Milk'. That was sweet, and had touches of innocence. 'Justice' will be gritty, and ask stark questions about what morals mean in a post-war world. I think it'll be a good'un.
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