Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Random Bits of 2016

Although these weren't the biggest moments of my year, they have all stuck with me, and helped to define 2016's legacy.

Attending Svetlana's cinema premiere:

Buying the Doctor Who: The Complete History and Judge Dredd: The Mega Collection fortnightly.

Saranus' catchphrase: "Kuntbar!"

Getting Jack a street interview with 'Guntha' following his Camden gig...

My desk TITANS.

Seeing Russell T Davies on the street outside FP!

Working West End Live.


Seeing Bradley Walsh in a bizarre encounter near BAFTA ("It's only a game show, you better believe I'm right...").

Working the downstairs till at FP all the time!!!

Meeting artist Simon Bisley and telling him that his Batman/Dredd: Judgement On Gotham book was the first comic I ever read as a youngster.

Getting a chips, cheese and gravy pizza in Manchester!

Growing sunflowers:

Making elaborate plans to sell graphic novels at Frightfest (but they fell through).

Going to see The Hateful Eight - but Housemate Jack no showed, so I was immensely pissed at him!

Working the Legends of Gaming convention, and walking around Alexandra Palace in the rain on my lunch break.

The view from my bus one lovely summer evening:

Me, Mafalda and Jack taking part in the Sunday quiz at the Dial Arch.

Me, Jonathan and Jack taking part in the Equitable Thursday quiz.

Trafalgar Square street art:

Steve Dillon at Forbidden Planet (sadly he passed away a few, short months later).

Reading Judge Dredd comics on the tube (sadly I missed this, as I was working Raindance):

Woolwich library's extensive 2000AD collection!

Bubble baths! (and putting this on Instagram. Erm...)

New favourite...!

The old woman at Vue Islington who would talk your ear off for an hour.

"I can't work more than 16 hours a week!" - A 4 minute long phone message left for me by a staff member at Vue. Don't ask... I'm still recovering.

Commuting some days, when issues arise on the tube network:

Adding this postcard next to my work Mac:

Eyeing up Nan's cute neighbour...

Reading The Mighty One:

Tyler's visit:

Meeting James in Westfield for a beer during Frightfest.

Cats on the estate!

More pictures from Raindance:

Jonathan regenerates into Helen at Raindance:

Making friends with actress Robyn Paris from The Room and convincing her to visit the Prince Charles cinema:

Elliot Grove to Jonathan: "Why don't you just show up dead"?

In honour of "Cher" appearing at Raindance, we dedicated the evening's radio calls to the woman, using her song titles as inspiration!

The Hungarian language screen introductions at Raindance:

My gift to Helen at the end of the festivals...

Reuniting with old colleague Narayan on a rare visit to Westfield London:

Mafalda smashed my bowl! :(

My train buddy, Krish:

Walking past whatever this is (a cat's foot?!) every day:

Finding out my personality type - 2016! (Changes every year!!)

Seeing Christopher Eccleston perform in The Time Machine.

Walking through Waterloo every other day, on the way from work in Southwark, to Central.

My daily commutes:

- To Forbidden Planet: 161/472 bus to North Greenwich, then Jubilee line to Waterloo, then Nothern Line to Tottenham Court Road.

- To Titan: 161/472 bus to North Greenwich, then Jubilee line to Southwark.

- To Vue Islington: 161/472 bus to North Greenwich, then Jubilee line to London Bridge, then Northern line to Angel.

Me and Alan Jones, during Frightfest:

Donna/Tyler/Brooke reveal the sex of baby #3 by hiding a blue balloon in a box; before the kids climbed inside themselves!

Receiving my final ever Christmas present from Nan. This...

Train platform, on the way to Nan's funeral:

Talking to Uncle Eddie at Nan's funeral (pictures here with Brooke, who has become very find of cuddling her Uncle Ant this year):

Bringing this guy back to London with me (it's Fang - my childhood teddy!!):

The Forbidden Planet Christmas party...

Red Dwarf series 11 advertised on the tube:

And it's London premiere...

Coming home and finding Housemate Jack like this:

Creating silly POS envelopes at work:

My "WTF are they suppose to be?" comic book/film storyboard doodles:

Tube selfies!

Southwark demolition!

My work desktop theme:

My irrational dislike of Eddie Redmayne:

The Coconut!

The brothers - Jamie & Brody!

Ghostbusters at Waterloo station!

Being silly with the Sausage Party poster!

Artist sketches from book signings:

Discovering this gem, and its terrific author/artist Tillie Walden:

Thinking up original Doctor Who stories with Jon Clayton (this is how I imagine my Doctor would look):

My Christmas message to folks:

Playing with a Star Trek communicator!

December fog...

Me and Phil Heslop save the day at Vue Islington... by de-clogging the hoover!

Tyler with Auntie Gail:

My animated bit-thingy.

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