Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Rooster Days

This past weekend was Chinese New Year - and I visited London's China Town to help see in what is the Year of the Rooster!

I have to admit that it all got a bit crowded, so it was difficult to see all that much, but still, fun to be there all the same.

Also this weekend...

I ventured to the cinema and watched T2 Trainspotting. It was fun catching up with the characters, but there's a nagging feeling that this sequel wasn't all that necessary. I mean, it's pretty safe and adds nothing particularly new to the original - but it looks pleasant enough, and there's laughs to be had. All in then, it's passable. Just!

Meanwhile... I took a trip into Westfield for my bi-annual phone upgrade! So it's goodbye to my trusted Galaxy S5 Mini and hello to a brand spanking new S7! The guy at the store asked what I wanted from my new device - and I just said a better camera! Looks like this new one fulfils that promise.

Talking of reinvention... I finally shaved. Having grown a full bushy beard (and then some!) it had been noted by others that it was starting to look a tad scruffy. Unfortunately I agreed, and trimmed it right down. To be honest I think it'should time I go clean shaven for a while. I have been bearded on and off since 2012. Time for a new look!

And with that new look, a new approach too. I completed a test walk from my house to North Greenwich (a route I normally bus). It took 45 minutes, and was nice enough - that I plan on walking every morning from now on, replacing the morning bus ride. It will be nice to commit to some serious exercise time per week, and it should help me lose the belly that seems to have grown to an unacceptable level as of late!

On top of those activities, I also found time for the usuals. Work on Darkened Avenue 031 'Justice' continues, with the instalment now almost complete! On the reading front, I concluded Judge Dredd: The Apocalypse War, BOOM! Studios' Wild's End and the second volume of Sweet Tooth. Next time I'll write a run down of reviews for everything I have read but not already covered on here. So look out for that!

Arriving to work Monday morning I found a pleasant surprise... page 1 of my Dead Stock comic sitting in my inbox, the artwork complete! Quick tease...

That's all you're getting for now!
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