Friday, 13 January 2017

This Friday 13th... Is It For Me?

I was made a job offer this past week, but decided against it. WHAT?! Despite the money (and it was a fair amount) I genuinely don't think I'm the best candidate for the job... but I've put forward somebody who I think is and, ironically, it's my oldest friend! We'll see what happens. I think it was the right decision to say no.

Anyhoo... I've already had a busy time of it. I've spent the first few weeks of 2017 reading a number of new comic series, and catching up on some television too.

Some reviews!

Brass Sun (Book I) (2000AD Comics)

Oh, this is very pretty. I.N.J. Culbard's art caught my attention when I first flicked through the book in Forbidden Planet, and I knew I'd end up picking it up!

All-in, and thus far, it's a fairly solid story. Some of the dialogue is a smidge heavy handed, but I quickly adapted to its style and read on. The story is similar to Doctor Who's The Key To Time (but that didn't look this pretty). I'm looking forward to reading on later this month.

Jupiter's Legacy (Image Comics)

Again, this looks great (it's by the one and only Frank Quitely) but Mark Millar's script is fairly run of the mill. It tells the tale of a group of superheroes in the modern age, who face a conflict from within - as members of the team conspire to topple the leader.

It's fine... but never advances, or aims for better.

I'm reading its prequel Jupiter's Circle now. Wow! That's miles ahead of this. And that's saying something, as I usually hate prequels!!

Revenge (Image Comics)


Jonathan Ross wrote this, and says that he was aiming for something that was extreme exploitation... that would make a horrible read. Well, he succeeded - but maybe a little too well, as I hated the characters, couldn't appreciate the gore, and found the whole thing really... unoriginal.

Scalped (Book One) (Vertigo Comics)


I liked the fact it was about Native Americans, and so gave voice to a previously unheard (in comics) portion of the US population. Sometimes though the plot was cliche, and the art made it confusing as characters had a bad habit of being drawn in a very similar manner to one another.

More than happy to give it another go I've loaned book 2 from Woolwich library. Let's see if it is able to build on the foundations here and turn in something great!

Chrononauts (Image Comics)

Oh, for fuck's sake! This was frustrating.

Yes, it can be fun. But! It is also incredible lazy. It's as if writer Mark Millar got half-arsed with the concept, because he never develops an idea to its full potential. The characters have time travelled and changed history? Great, let's see the repercussions! What do you mean, no, that instead you'll just write off that sub plot in a page and a half?

This could have been something great... with a little more effort spent on it.

Sherlock (TV - BBC One)

I have to admit, this new series has disappointed me. It leans too much towards soap opera, with action sequences thrown in for good measure; so much so that the focus has gone away from solving mysteries. There's been a greater emphasis on Mary Watson - but she doesn't work. She feels completely contrived, and has contributed to the show moving away to a nonsense action-adventure type series.

Also, four series in and the twists have become predictable. They say Sherlock and Mycroft have a brother... so instantly I know it'll turn out to be a sister. And because there was a mysterious woman at the start of the show... well, it'll be her, won't it?


I think it's probably time the series concluded.

Meanwhile, Jonathan has now started work at Titan Comics. He seems to be enjoying it. Just for fun, I sent him my pitch for a Doctor Who cover...! What do you think? ;)

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