Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Weekend Viewer

I was sat moping around in my room on Sunday, that I was wasting my weekend. But actually, on reflection, I managed quite a lot.
Saturday took me into central London to manage a signing at Forbidden Planet. This time it was the turn of an up-and-coming young artist called Stephen Byrne - who has illustrated the Justice League/Power Rangers comic book. He was a nice guy, and has only just moved to London - so of course I took him on a tour of Central London's comic book stores and other sights!

Here he is drawing Superman:

Afterwards, I wanted to do some more writing as these past few days it feels like I've stalled somewhat. I took myself to an old stomping ground of mine - Curzon Soho. It's where I would go for thinking time back in 2013/14 when I worked at Vue West End. I haven't been there for a while, so it was nice to bask in the atmosphere and get stuck into my Ezra script. I managed a full page!

That evening I had a great catch-up with Jack at home. We talked for a while, and watched Basket Case 2. Though the film was variable in quality (and that's being polite!) it was fun watching it with a friend. Sometimes it feels like me and Jack don't get the time to have proper conversations anymore, so this was a nice opportunity to do just that. It was insightful, and a right old laugh.

Sunday brought more writing - a good old 6 pages of Darkened Avenue issue "Milk". I don't think they're perfect, but there's enough there for me to edit and trim, and adapt into something better.

I also concluding the last few episodes of Doctor Who: The Monster Of Peladon, and started Planet Of The Spiders. It's the final adventure from the Jon Pertwee era - a year coming! - and soon I can move onto one of my favourite eras in the whole history of the programme: Tom Baker!

There's a running joke at work, as a colleague suggested a film to me, and asks everyday if I've seen it yet. I always answer back that I am rubbish, so no I haven't. But today... I managed, at last, to see it! (The film in question being Kevin Cosner/Gene Hackman vehicle No Way Out). Afterwards, I switched on Channel 4 and - for the first time EVER!!! - watched Trainspotting. I loved it! Only 20 years too late...

Finally... started the second volume of the great Sweet Tooth comic, and started Dan Abnett and Ian Culbard's Wild's End. I'll hopefully do a review of them both, plus everything I've read, soon!

So not a weekend of much exploration or adventures, but I managed to write a decent amount and see/read a lot more. Still, next weekend I really must get up off my bum and go do something!
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