Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Lots Of Family Photos

I was back home in Manchester this past weekend, celebrating my nephew Jamie's birthday.

Shamefully it's the first time I've been around for his big day since 2014! Last year I was so skint that my money couldn'the even stretch to the return journey tickets, and the year before that it was somebody else's (significant) birthday in London, so I stuck around for that.

It was nice to see everybody, of course. We went trampolining in the day, and for a meal (all 25 of us!!) at night.

Some pictures!

Tyler being lovely to little brother Cole.

My step-dad Dave in his usual spot.

Me holding nephew Cole for the 1st time.

Tyler the cowboy in Ancoats Toys Road Us!

Somehow... Tyler managed to find the rarest of all Pokemon cards in the one pack I bought him!

My expressions before/after trampolining. A lot of fun! (And a great workout for the abs)

Jamie opens his birthday presents!

Me and 2 of my sisters (Sarah/Lauren)

Mum, Dave & Lauren. Mum is very nervous as her first operation is this coming Thursday.

My nieces (Isla/Brooke) hug one another!

A rare photo of Brody. He normally hides.

Group pic. Obvs.

The kids line up for a photo for Uncle Ant!

Me and the birthday boy.

Cole - only a month old! (He'said the spitting image of his Dad)

Jamie's superhero cake!

Willow. She enjoyed the walks I took her on every day!

I don'the know when the next trip home will be. Money is short - so it might not be until June or so!

But I talk to everybody on a regular basis, and they all visit me fairly regularly now.

Next time... learn the wonders of my 24 Hour Comic Book!
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