Tuesday, 21 February 2017

The 28th Birthday

No way - it's 10 years since I turned 18! Blimey.

This year was a pretty low key birthday. I enjoyed it a lot - see below for a run down of what happened - but I have to admit that I felt a tiny bit let down by some friends.

Even my family left me feeling cheated. Dad made no effort whatsoever to call. My sisters Sarah and Lauren both messaged, independent to one another, that they had posted my cards too late for them to arrive today. Sigh.

However!! Not meaning to dwell on the negatives - I did have a wicked time.

Me and Jon met up at the Cartoon Museum to explore their Future Shock! 40 Years of Dredd exhibition. We saw pieces by the likes of Brian Bolland, Mike McMahon, Carlos Ezquerra, Cam Kennedy, Dave Gibbons, Simon Bisley, et al. If you in any way a Dredd or 2000AD fan then you should go along and check out the show. It runs until mid-April I believe.

Afterwards we headed to Vue Islington, where a friend had arranged comps! Film of choice: John Wick 2. Utter shite - but entertaining. I just don't get why there are no consequence to anything he does! No police or anything! Even when he kills loads of people in a train station...!

Then we ended up at our old stomping ground - the Royal George in Soho! We talked about comics, our anthology, Marvel and James Bond! We were joined by Jack O'Mollane - who I really don't see enough of these days sadly.

I got home and found this off housemate Jack:

And that was it! I bought myself a cake (red velvet) and sorted my own candle. Nobody sang happy birthday! Never mind. Gave my ear drums a rest.

To my 29th... and the 30th, which is fast approaching!
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