Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Dad's 2017 Visit

This past weekend was fun, as Dad visited me in London. Over the years he's done so before - once to drop my possessions off in November 2010, then half a dozen times over 2011-2013. Every year since then he's visited once a year, and it's always an interesting experience.

This time around he arrived on Friday night, and left again on Sunday (we were joined by my step-mum Penny from the Saturday). It was nice to catch-up with him on the Friday as he gave me various updates about his life (his work, his health, what he's been up to, other family members) and I updated him about mine. We had food from the local chippy for dinner, and then headed to the Prince Charles Cinema in Central London to watch the next film in their Wes Anderson season - The Royal Tenenbaums. It was risky; I wasn't sure of Dad's relationship with Wes Anderson films. As it turned out, he liked the film a lot, and it was a great evening.

On Saturday we met my step-mum in Central London, and then headed to the Hunterian Musumn for a look around there as, after I visited the place myself last week, I thought it would right up my parents' street. It was! They loved it, and found the exhibitions fascinating. Afterwards we headed into my old stomping ground, Shepherds Bush, where we watched the latest X-Men movie Logan. I thought it was great! A perfect way to round out Hugh Jackman's 17-year stint as Wolverine.

For dinner on the Saturday we headed to Nandos (which I haven't had for months, and not suffered cravings for!) and then we headed home where we played lots of Sporcle quizzes, and my parents enjoyed a drink.

The next day we visited Greenwich, a place my step-mum loved. We drank coffee, looked around the Cutty Sark, walked up to the observatory, and then walked a strange underground tunnel that goes the length of the Thames, from bank to bank. Time defeated us after that, and we headed to Euston where the pair of them took the train home again.

As usual, it was great that they made the effort to see me, and I enjoyed their company. Yes, Dad embellished many-a-story, which you have to take with a pinch of salt - but that's just his character, and as much as it can grate you do get use to it. Overall then, a great weekend!

Mum's scheduled to visit in June, and my sister Sarah has said she'd like to visit soon too. I look forward to both - as well as Dad's next trip here!

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