Friday, 3 March 2017

My Sister Donna

It's a happy birthday to my sister Donna, who turns 27 today!

To mark the occasion I thought I'd write a few words about her, and share my love for the woman she's become.

Donna was born just over a year after me, in 1990. Being so close in age meant we had a lot in common, and it's true to say that we shared a great many experiences and grew up together. As adults I think we have a very similar thought process - although that's not to pretend there's differences too.

For starters, Donna has settled down in her life. She has a partner, kids, a house, even dogs. She's been in her job for years, and progressed up the career ladder. I, meanwhile, haven't achieved any of that. It means I'm a lot more of a free spirit, and she's the more mature, thoughtful one. I respect that about her.

Above: Me & Donna's daughter, Brooke.

One of the other things I respect a lot is her dedication to family. It sometimes seems to me that everything she does revolves around her family in some way. She is very selfless with her children, and me when I visit - always going that extra mile to make time for me, when I know she must have a busy life to lead, and going above/beyond, like when she picks me up at 11pm when I get into the train station!

Of course, I can talk to her about most things, and trust her. Yes, we disagree - but that is perfectly healthy, and it strikes me that Donna - perhaps - has much in common with the very best of my friends. By that, I enjoy her company a lot, and it's mutual. We enjoy talking, and learning more about one another. We like to make journeys together, and miss one another when we're not around.

Going off that, then - Donna is my longest friend.

Since 1990!

Here's to many more years.
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