Saturday, 1 April 2017

Look Out... It's March 31st!

We're in April!

Before I reached the new month, however, I had a list of things that needed to be concluded. It felt like lots of things were all piling up, sharing a deadline of March 31st. First of all, in the last week of March I still had my 2x 22 page comics to write, as I had put them off all month long, until it became unavoidable that the 2 comics would have to be written back to back, in quick succession. Could it be done?

Then there was my entry into the FutureQuake comic competition. Now this was only a short 5 page story, but again... I'd delayed writing it for no good reason, and so it combined with my 2x 22 page comics... leaving me with nigh-on 50 pages to write in just a week before April hit!

Finally, I found a job perfect for me with the closing date on the application being, yes, that same March 31st. D'oh! So now, on to of all that comic book writing I also had to find time to put together not just a suitable job application... but a bloody great one, that would hopefully grab the attention of the recruitment manager, and demand that they interview me.

I'm happy to report... I did it! All of it.

I'm really proud of that fact.

In order to do so I really had to knuckle down, and commit myself to everything. For the comics, I was lucky in that I had already plotted the FutureQuake idea, and made my usual doodles. It's called Starship S.O.S.! and features a little girl playing in her pretend spaceship when... well, that would be telling! Let's hope it's accepted by FutureQuake, and published at some point next year, or possibly in 2019.

With that in mind, it was a case of typing up what I'd written for it - which took longer than I thought (as ever, I questioned the quality and meaning of everything I wrote) but eventually it was done, and I even managed to submit it into the competition a full day before the deadline.

Moving onto the job application, I also got lucky as my CV only needed minor updates. My Cover Letter was, however, written from scratch - but seeing as though I really want this job, and do feel I'd be a perfect fit for it, it actually turned out to be a relatively easy task to write it up. Again satisfied with my work, I sent the application off - pretty much meeting the 5pm deadline of March 31st.

No question then that the hardest task was writing those 2x 22 page comics. This consisted of two issues of Darkened Avenue - 034, "Orpheus" and 035, "Purgatory". Of the two, "Orpheus" was pretty standard fare - a set-up for a new drugs related storyline, featuring all of the regular cast. The hardest part of putting this issue together was just how I built up to the cliffhanger I had planned. Eventually it clicked, and in 3 days "Orpheus" was complete.

But then came "Purgatory". Oh boy...

This one drove me crazy! Literally, it must rank as one of the hardest things I've ever written. The story is pretty simple - the main hero, Quinn, wakes and finds himself in a strange place, from where he cannot escape. Usually other characters would feature, either interacting with Quinn, or we'd cut to other scenes/locations. However here... nope. We stick on Quinn, alone throughout. In addition, the journey Quinn goes on exhausts him, drives him crazy and has him questioning everything. Confined to one location, I had all that to tell without him interacting with anybody... anything else. It was incredibly hard to plot ahead, as if I had to live the madness of the script myself before I could commit to paper what Quinn would do next.

I managed it though, and in all honesty... I think "Purgatory" might just be brilliant! Mad, but brilliant. I dunno - maybe I'm wrong and it's a steaming pile of dog shite, who knows?!

So, as March neared it's end... I was able to sit back, let out a sigh of relax and...

...Well, realise that as soon as April hits, I have more new comics to write... and I know I'll probably leave it all to the last minute again!


Here's to the new month!

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