Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Manchester Terrorist Attack

Last night a terrorist struck my home city of Manchester, blowing up the foyer of Manchester Arena and taking lots of lives, injuring many more.

Waking up to the news was genuinely shocking, and made me very sad. I'm terribly proud of my city and its people, and to see such trauma on its streets is horrid. It's sickening to think that somebody could strike innocent lives like this, especially so when you consider how young many of the people maimed actually were.

Lots of messages of social media are demonstrating solidarity for the city, which is lovely to see. Manchester is resilient. I've no doubt the people that are today soldiering on, detirmined not to have the actions of one selfish man last night stand in the way of living their lives the way they want. That's the Manchester way.

Being so far away right now feels like a punishment. If I could be, I would be there to support my family and community. I can be thankful that all my friends and family are safe, but I know others from my home town Bury (and nearby Radcliffe) are not. My thoughts are with all affected, their families and friends.

I feel too numb to say any more about it right now.
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