Monday, 22 May 2017

My Comic Week

Oh - the past 7 days have been great to me!

The week started with me concluding the first draft of a brand spanking new comic book - Beautiful Ones: Achoo! (It's the story of a man who sneezes, and takes offence to a woman who says "bless you" on his behalf). Though it doesn't quite work just yet, I'm thinking long and hard about the next edit - and it's slowly getting there.

At the same time, various pieces of artwork have started to drop. First up, my dear friend Svetlana is working long and hard on a previous Beautiful Ones tale, and has now pencilled all four pages, and inked three of them. It's looking very good! I think her artwork marries the story very well, and I'm proud of her for the work she's done on this, her very first comic!

My friend Jordan lives in Manchester, and he's more of a seasoned pro. He's been working on another of my strips - called Pfft... Queues! - for a awhile now. This week he sent across a whole host of character designs for me to look at, comment on, and approve. They all look great; not at all what I had in mind when writing the story, but that doesn't matter - as these drawings push the story in an entirely new direction and - gasp - actually improve on my script!

The final artwork came through from Ray Friesen, who is an artist I met at a Forbidden Planet book signing last year. He's drawing a comedy story I wrote called Dead Stock; and delivered page 2 of the strip this week. I forwarded onto him a few notes I had about the new page, with the biggest being that the design of the main character appears inconsistent across the two pages sent thus far. Ray responded by redoing some of the artwork, and making that consistency happen.

Then this weekend I finished off issue 038 of my Darkened Avenue comic, and made the first few steps working on another - the first Darkened Avenue Annual, which is long overdue (I completed the synopsis back in January 2006... then didn't ever get around to writing it, despite it being set inbetween issues 023 and 024!). It'll be nice to have it completed at last!!

So there we are. Lots going on. It's always fun to see new artwork come in, and to be working on new scripts. This is exactly the sort of life I want to be living.
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