Monday, 5 June 2017

Precious Life

Since I last updated, there's been a further terrorist attack here in the UK. The latest took place on Saturday night, on the road where I work (the London Bridge/Southwark area of London). It was horrific and my heart goes out to all the victims, and their loved ones.

But life doesn't (and shouldn't) stop because of these acts of stupidity.


This last week has been particularly crazy, with the rest of my department at work all off sick or on holiday. So then, I took on the role of 4 people... and wrestled a number of newsletters, product loads, updates and lots more besides. But I got through it, and it was fun, so I can't really complain.

We're nearing the end of the general election campaign here in the UK, and it's a battle between Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May. God... please let Corbyn win. I realise the chances of that happening are remote at the moment, with many polls predicting him to be somewhat behind the Tories' lead - but man, I want him to win so much. Corbyn strikes me as a man of conviction, who generally wants to help everybody. His opponents, the Conservatives, are the nasty party (no matter what they say opposing this view). They'll continue to cut public spending, and generally not care about anybody at the very top of society. I hate that they've lead us for 7 years now - and the idea that they will continue to do so for 5 more years is unthinkable. Urgh.

So, if you're reading this prior to Thursday's vote... think about what every candidate stands for, and then vote responsibly!!


I've slowed down on my writing somewhat, and really need to catch up. Last month I wrote Beautiful Ones: Achoo! and Darkened Avenue 038. I need to head straight home tonight, and crack on with lots more. I do feel like I'm letting myself down when I don't write - as if it's a waste of a day, and so a waste of precious life.
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